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Helen Brasinika, BLLENDDESIGNOFFICE, "DINING WATERMARKS". Photo: Ιωάννα Χατζηανδρέου

Helen Brasinika, BLLENDDESIGNOFFICE, “DINING WATERMARKS”. Photo: Ιωάννα Χατζηανδρέου

Helen Brasinika

“RE > FRESH, the new mind of design and art”
visit – re-think – interact
Fresh Hotel / the ArtWall, 19.4-15.5.2013

The dining room table may often be considered the symbolic center of the nuclear family and our object follows the symbolism and allegory of a permanently scarred table as that in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. The novel has been popular for being able to zoom in telescopically on the experience of black immigrants in America, but to also embrace and discuss universal themes, ideas, and concepts that affect every human. Themes like love, loss, friendship and the search for identity, as indicated by the definition and popular use of watermarks. A watermark makes a strong statement of ownership, identity and belonging and in times of crisis and reform there lies an urgent quest for identity. Beyond issues of space, style and belonging, underneath a dining table watermark may be exposed stories of generations, scenes of love, loss and happiness as they appear in participants fragments of memories. A table covered in black resin is initially scarred, but the initial watermark is expanded in cellular form to symbolize change, time and experience.

Local business providing custom service in architecture, landscape, interior, lighting design and Research. Specializing in 3d architectural identities, lighting and sustainable design. We are more than the sum of our parts and as such is our environment. Between architecture and Sociology lies the truth that there is a strong spatial impact on the psyche of society. To fully understand this impact is impossible, but its recognition gives the opportunity to use design to change the world.

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