Maria Halios Design, Re>fresh

Maria Halios Design, Athens Spring

Maria Halios Design, Athens Spring

Maria Halios design

“RE > FRESH, the new mind of design and art”
visit – re-think – interact
Fresh Hotel / the ArtWall, 19.4-15.5.2013

The Designer
Beirut based interior architect Maria Halios has been specializing in design for more than a decade. Her Greek/Lebanese roots coupled with an impressive education portfolio, both in Beirut and Paris, mark her out as unique in her chosen field.
From her design showroom in Beirut she created her own brand mh|d maria halios design, which team has managed prestigious and successful interior design projects globally. She creates her very own concepts and executes her exclusive/limited edition tailor-made furniture.
The quality and standard of the work have ensured that on numerous occasions she has been selected to present her work in several local and international design exhibitions. Her exclusive line of accessories and furniture can be found at the mh|d showroom, the AUB museum and the Beirut National Museum.

Greece is colorful!
Limited edition of 300 printed cushions, using the traditional Greek fresco pattern, by adding a special touch of color and revisiting the original proportions.
The material used is Greek linen, and cotton fabric.

Athens Spring
Inspired from the freshness of the greek spring blossom, this table was hastily produced trying to reduce the cost of it. As much sculpture as it is furniture, the differently sized circles that make up the table combine to create a floral colorful set that revives the environment.
The material used to manufacture this table is powder coated steel.

Greek poppies
As pure as the Scandinavian line design, these bowls were designed and worked as a piece of jewelry in a way to enhance the nobility of the recycled aluminum. Inspired from poppy flowers, each bowl is unique in design and shape.

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