POST FOLK, Re>fresh

Post Folk, "DISCOFOLK".

Post Folk, “DISCOFOLK Aprons”.

Post Folk Μαρία-Όλγα Βλάχου, Κωστής Βασιλειάδης

“RE > FRESH, the new mind of design and art”
visit – re-think – interact
Fresh Hotel / the ArtWall, 19.4-15.5.2013

DISCOFOLK aprons is a folklore approach through the glossy world of disco. Combines two different worlds with contradictory evidence to bring a postmodern connotations in folk art. Based on the movement Trompe-l’œil (“deceive the eye”) printed graphics illustrating a rough and aged texture, giving sometimes the impression that is genuine embroidery. Printed on white fabric with b/w graphics in dimensions 60×80 cm.

POSTFOLK is the work of Maria-Olga Vlachou and Kostis Vassiliadis, two Greek graphic designers who have become intrigued by the design potential of the motifs in Greek folk art.

We want to revive this visual legacy and enable it to evolve, true to its origins but free of the constraints within which Greek folk art is ordinarily (re-)presented and better equipped to travel beyond the country that first nurtured it. In this sense, POSTFOLK is very much about the future of a past.


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